Home Warranty Worth It

The high cost of repairing or replacing a refrigerator, as well as the headache of arranging a service technician to visit your home are both factors to weigh with considering a home warranty. When is a home warranty worth it? When wondering if a home warranty is worth it, consider more than just the bottom line cost.

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The average cost of a home warranty service contract ranges between $300-$600 per year. The cost will vary depending on where you live and the level of coverage you need.

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 · One home inspection company interviewed offers a roof warranty for 5 years if you use their inspection services and purchase the home warranty through their affiliated partner. Many roof companies that install your new roof don’t warranty it for that long.

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Is A Home Warranty Worth It? (Home Warranty vs. Homeowners Insurance) | Ask Rigs The average cost of a home warranty service contract ranges between $300-$600 per year. The cost will vary depending on where you live and the level of coverage you need.

Another option for homeowners, not required by your lender, is a home warranty. Are home warranties worth it? If the home being purchased has older appliances, or if the age of the appliances or home systems you’re inheriting is unknown, a home warranty can be an inexpensive insurance policy of sorts.

Don’t buy any of those kinds of things. The reason is very simple. About 85% of the home warranty amount is absolutely profit and commission to the people. It is unbelievable-the vast majority. About 12% of the extended warranty or the home warranty or the electronics warranty is actually the risk that you’re taking.

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With major systems and appliances that are difficult to fix, Goldben feels a home warranty is “worth its weight in gold.” Since having a home warranty, Goldben has had numerous major systems and appliances fixed and replaced, saving her at least $3,000.

‘The money pit’ host tom Kraeutler on how to decide if a home warranty is right for you. Watch Gerri Willis talk about Home Insurance and Home Mortgage on Willis Report.